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What We Did

The Problem

We had a client of ours in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire that are using WIX to place adverts on their website selling products. Along with the usual information that you need to capture to display products for sale they wanted to upload images for a gallery. The way they had it set up originally, was an upload button per image that they wanted to upload (that was 10 image upload buttons!!!). Clearly this is a messy approach.

The Solution


They came to us for a neater solution, so using Wix Corvid we coded a solution that will allow our client's customer to use the same upload button! The form was much neater, and the user experience was beautiful. And more importantly to us, we had a happy customer.

To get this working was a challenge, first, we have to upload the image into an array, then reset the button to be used again and we keep doing this until the user has finished uploading images, on submit we then convert those images in the array to JSON objects and save them to the database. It all sounds complicated because it is :) well not to us.

If you would like this on YOUR website, then please let us know.

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