Web Design Portfolio - SEO Packages | Yance Naturals

What We Did

The Problem

Yance Naturals make all sorts of CBD products for human and pet consumption. They have a competitive market and gaining organic leads is vital to being successful in the online CBD market. Katie @ Yance Naturals contacted me to help her with gaining leads from Google without having to pay high fees per click using GoogleAds.

The Solution

Below is a short list of things we did to make the website more SEO friendly, the more friendly to googles spiders a website is the better it will index and rank organically.

- Favicon

- Short description

- Keywords research and implementation

- Change all page titles and descriptions to include keywords and       meaningful content

- Run the website through SEO audit tools and fixed critical issues - that affects Googles ability to rank your website.

- Install SEO site booster tools.

- Install Google Analytics 

Yance Naturals website SEO score improved dramatically. However, there were things that could still be improved and one of those was the design of the website. Yance Naturals have commissioned a new website redesign by us so watch this space...