Web Design Portfolio - Website Design | Mirror Finish Bodyshop

What We Did

The Problem

Lee from Mirror Finish Bodyshop needed a website for his startup business. Lee has been in the bodywork industry for over 25 years and then had an opportunity to start on his own, so a website was crucial to making it a success. He has been running for over 7 years now and it's very successful.

The Solution

Lee needed a website that would show the same quality that he does when repairing someone's car, so the pressure was on. We created Lee a simple website that was clean and straight to the point.

Here are some of the things that we do for every website.

1. Researched competitors websites and services

2. Looked at Lee's examples of websites he liked

3. Redesigned the website based on Lee's requirements

4. Search Engine Optimisation

5. Indexed with Google and more.