Web Design Portfolio - Thames Air & Water Tech

What We Did

The Problem

Nick from Thames Air and Water Tech needed a website to generate leads and make their stamp in the market. Nick and Simon work, eat and sleep, having a busy business is good but doesn't leave you much time to design, build and manage a website. That's where we step in.

The Solution

We created Thames Air and Water Tech a stunning website with some custom video banners which demonstrates their industry perfectly, we created this website from the ground up and included all of Googles best practices to ensure google has an easy time ranking this website. 

Here are some of the things that we do for every website.

1. Examined the current website

2. Researched competitors websites and services

3. Looked at Nicks examples of websites he liked

4. Redesigned the website based on Nicks requirements

5. Search Engine Optimisation

6. Indexed with Google and more.

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